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How to Apply to the Police Service in England and Wales.

Entrance Test Course for English & Welsh Police (PIRT).

How to Apply to the Scottish Police Service.

Scottish Police Entrance Test Course Details (SET) Unique to Scotland.

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Helping YOU to Success
Our unique course will help you pass the police entrance test  for the police service in England, Wales and Scotland. If you are serious about joining the police service, you have come to the right web site.

Consider these important questions:

•  Do you want to become a police officer, PCSO or Special?
•  Don’t know which way to turn?
•  Do you want a rewarding and exciting career?
•  Are you enthusiastic, have life skills and experience, but lack formal qualifications?
•  Need advice about the PIRT (SET in Scotland)?

Whether you want to be a regular police officer, a PCSO (Police Community Support Officer), an officer in a non-geographic force such as the British Transport Police or a Special, you will need to sit and pass the police service entrance test.

Use the navigation bar at the top of this page to find the answers to these questions and others about entrance into the police service in England and Wales and Scotland and how to pass the all important entrance test.

Our newly revised courses cover all the topics you will need to pass the test. There are two separate courses - one for England and Wales (the PIRT) and one for Scotland (the SET). The PIRT covers all the elements in the government’s National Recruitment Model, including role play and competency assessment. The SET course covers different academic themes such as the Cloze test for language, number skills and information handling.  Most Police forces do not require formal qualifications such as GCSE’s (Standard Grade in Scotland), however, you must pass the PIRT or SET, even if you have a Degree.

At this point you may be thinking why do I need a course to help me pass the entrance test? The answer is simple. Preparation is the key to success. The test is probably different to any other examination you may have taken. The primary skill to passing any examination is technique, and being familiar with the type and style of questions you will encounter. Our courses can definitely help you to achieve success. A good analogy is driving a car. It is “easy” to drive, but would you have passed your driving test and the theory aspects without having lessons and studying beforehand?

Good luck with your studies and application to the Police service.

* In England and Wales the test is the PIRT - Police Initial Recruitment Test
   In Scotland the test is the SET - Standard Entrance Test  

Note: the tests are different so make sure you look at the correct details.
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